Independent fashion label Dynasti, founded by Zhang Bing, Ice (the creative director, art director, designer, ) in 2015,  is an edgy blend of traditional Chinese culture, minimalism, and casual luxury to create wearable designs to encourage the younger generations to embrace their own culture through our designs.  Each piece is designed to be fresh and youthful with flattering silhouettes, thoughtful fabric selection, and intricate details. All the accessories are handmade by the designer and her aunt. Dynasti is not only a fashion label but a creative platform to have different collaborations worldwide and promote the beauty of individuality.  Ice is managing the whole brand, from branding, to marketing, to production. Her aunt is also helping her to do the production. She also served as a stylist, photo retoucher, model and photographer at the same time, she strives to be involved in all parts of the brand and develop its overall aesthetic.